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Yandere Girlfriend
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@JacobRivas you're right. thanks for clearing that up. the main difference I learned to tell the two types apart is that yandere are motivated into psychotic behaviour by emotional attachment and love to a main love interest, yangires are motivated to psychotic behavior much more violent, quicker, and by multiple characters out of other emotions, not love. So yeah Kurumi fits the yangire description more closely. @JacobRivas they subtle differences in these terminologies are hard to keep up with, and considering they are both labels for a character archetype that real people hardly only soley exhibit just one as convincing story people shouldn't either, I find it irritating to label them as one and only. and in anime it's so goddamn cliché, writers trying to adhere and exhibit a character soley as one meaningless archetype. I like that these labels exist, to make it easier to communicate and understand personality traits but it's not that important
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I still wonder what anime she's from
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@mymi she's from the anime Date a live
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@mymi no problem
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