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So I saw this and had to make a card. This is my first ever card so please be nice 😁!
My Boyfriend
My Ex
My First Kiss
The one who has a crush on me
The one that got me pregnant (oops)
The one that will kill me for loving his BFF
The one that will kill me because I don't love him back
The one that fought with my boyfriend Over me
The one that kidnaps me with my Ex
The one that saves me
The one I end up marrying
So when I fist saw this I was like, "To much Jungkook but is there such a thing?" But then I looked at it and realized that the ones that are Jungkook and Yoongi remind me of their characters in Liar Liar (except the BFF part for Yoongi more like enemy) Which is why I even made this card. I feel like it's pretty accurate though. 😂
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