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So this girl I'm falling for lives far away from me and doesn't want to move forward to a relationship because she feels like she doesn't deserve me and doesn't want me to uproot my life to be with her. Is there anything i can do to convince her that she is good enough for me?
I don't know what to do.
If she's said she doesn't want to move forward you might have to take her word for it. It sucks that it sounds like self-esteem issues are a part of it, but if that's her decision you have to respect it
I think just consistently showing her that you're there for her will help. Just be sure that she's not trying to avoid a relationship because she's not sure about her feelings - that could end up hurting both of you. I'd just try to be loving and supportive to her until she decides whether or not to let you into her life more :( Good luck! Long distance is hard :/
I've actually kind of been in this situation before. It didn't really end well for me, if there isn't a way you two can be in the same place it probably won't work out. I think the insecurity on both ends is what's keeping you in this awkward situation. There's no reason that you can't be friends, just listen to her, and then move forward and focus on yourself!
You guys have to be 100% committed to this. Being so far away but maintaining a healthy relationship is something that most cannot do. I am not saying it's impossible, but just be prepared for anything. If she really means this much to you, then you should mean as much to her. Good luck dude. I hope whatever is meant to be happens 👍
just do it -Nike
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