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Uhh, 71 years hahaha What a whore XD Jk! Ah well. Life well lived! 74, If you count a dare/instructional card game, as well as these "scratcher" card thingies as sex toys? I don't know if they count, but they're on the sites and in the stores! lol How screwed (lol) are you? Haha I'll tag my regular group, but don't feel obligated to answer! <3 @ButterflyBlu @alywoah @AlloBaber @danidee @nicolejb @marshalledgar @MichelleHolly @hikaymm @shannonl5 @RaquelArredondo @buddyesd @jordanhamilton @sophiamor @JPBenedetto
@superjkob I do have to ask... and not just you, all the 0's... Never seen porn?? How?? lol I accidentally clicked a link on Facebook and there was a lot of nudity and bouncing in the seconds it took to fully load the page and for me to press the back button haha
@ShinigamiSan 0 bruh haha all honesty Im kind of old fashioned. im waiting for marriage
@ShinigamiSan what did you get me into o.o?
9 years... I'm too innocent. I wonder... how many years is my nakama getting? @superjkob @jealousshota @windfox @GeneAgudo ... I don't know if I can bring myself to tag the girls...
0 for sure xD I don't pertain to any of these so I'm still innocent from all evil bahahaha
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