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"If we just gave up like that we wouldn't be alive now. we are Fairy Tale! We don't give up! because we have eachother to keep us strong!" -The lovely Natsu Dragneel
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"To obtain something, something of equal value must be lost." -Edward Elric
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"people don't cry because they're weak people cry because they have been strong for so long!" ~Mira Jane
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Thise who break the rules are regarded as scum, but those who abandon their friends are worst then scum. Kakashi Hatake
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Was it.... good that I was born? Nobody... wanted me to be born... I probably wouldn't have wanted to live... If it weren't for that whole deal with Sabo... and having an unruly little brother like you. I only have one regret. That I couldn't see you... fulfill your dream. But... I'm sure... you can make it. You're my little brother. On that day... just like... we promised on that day... The way I lived my life... I have... no regrets. What I truly wanted... wasn't fame or anything like that after all. Was it... good I was born? What I wanted... was the answer to that question. Old man... everyone... and you, Luffy... Even though... I'm so worthless... even though... I carry the blood of a demon... Thank you... for loving me... -Portgas D. Ace
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