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“Come on!” You whined pulling on your best friend’s arm. He was being very stubborn not wanting to go on this roller coaster. You barely did any rides because of his nagging and complaining that he didn’t feel good.
“No, lets do something else.” He countered back, pulling himself in the opposite direction.
“Please! Zelo, just one ride!” You begged continuing to yank on his arm with a pout. Groaning he knew he couldn’t handle you when you got all sad face. Glancing up at the ride he grew anxious, but agreed none the less to please you.
Grinning you both got in line, of course Zelo was to busy thinking about the ride he didn’t know that you picked front row. His eyes widen when you both went to take your seats.
“You did not.” He said astonished instantly feeling sick. Pulling down the harness he had to hunch forward because of his height. Turning towards him you smiled happy he was with you. Reaching thru and over the harness you held his hand.
The ride slowly climbed up to the first drop. Looking around all you saw was tree tops and skyscrapers. The closer to the top you grew more excited. Reaching the climax of the ride you let out a loud laugh of delight. Mean while Zelo was screaming his lungs out. Soon after it was an adrenaline rush. Both of you smiling as the ride did turns and flips as well as rotating. Upon getting off the roller coaster you both walked next to each other sharing your enjoyment.
“See that wasn’t so bad!” You pointed out from his thrill of adrenaline. Giggling as he blushed you pulled him into a small food stand to buy something to eat.
Grabbing the food to go, you both wandered around the park. Pointing out different rides, attractions, and restaurant for when you come back next time. Finishing up the food, Zelo went to throw the trash away. It only took a second from when he left that a man came up to you. He was trying his best to flirt with you. Biting your lip, you try to contain you laughter from the stupid cheesy lines he aim towards you.
When he suddenly became more pushy and got closer you panicked, eyes searching for your tall giant. You froze upon feeling a heavy weight on your shoulders, you took notice how the man grew nervous quickly. Glancing up to see Zelo face he had a angry expression as he towered over the male.
“What did you think you were doing with my jagi?” Zelo voice sliced thru the thick awkward atmosphere. The man visibly gulped his body trembling in fear. The man then took off disappearing into the sea of people. Your heart bumped against your chest thinking of what Zelo had stated.
“Sorry I took so long.” He turn to you smiling, like nothing had happen. “Oh I bought you a present from the gift shop.” He held place a small object into your hand. You view the small object a smile gracing your features. It was a thin black choker with a small opal stone as a charm.
“Here, put it on for me?” You asked handing the necklace back to him and turned around. You pulled your long hair up to exposed your neck. He gently place it around your neck hook up the back as his fingers lingered a bit. Stepping back you turn around to face him a blush formed on cheeks. Smiling you pulled him down to your height and kissed his cheek, giggling as he became more flustered.
“Come on one more ride, before we leave.” He dragged you in the direction of the Ferris Wheel. You stared up at it scared, you have a fear of heights and falling. Though you love roller coaster ironic right?
Just to your luck there was no line! Zelo tug you into the cart placing you next to him. As it slowly rose you clutched on to him for dear life your face buried in his hoodie. He place in arm around you pulling you closer if possible. “Look!” he exclaimed taking in the nighttime scenery. Peeking out from his sweater you took into the scene as well smiling faintly.
“You alright?” He asked looking down at you as you nodded in response. Once it was your turn to get off you jumped ship real quick, waiting for Zelo. As both of you exited the park hand in hand chatting and goofing around.
“Y/N, we should do this again.” Zelo shyly said with his head down. “Like a date?” You asked trying to see his face as he hid from you. You jumped up and kissed his cheek then quickly ran away, screaming as he chased after you.
What you didn’t know is that Zelo love roller coasters. He just wanted to come back again so that you try to break his “fear”. Additionally, you agreed for a date, so two for one.
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