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I was thinking along the lines of this. ... they didn't use the airforce uniforms in the mv after all. WHAT IS IT GONNA BE?!
(it's kinda blurry, so I'll write it out) ""BTS releases 1st MV for their new song. RapMonster participates in production"" On April 20th, 00:00 KST, BTS released the first video for EPILOGUE: Young Forever, starting the countdown for the release of their special album, 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever'. The song also marks the first time BTS' Rap Monster participated in producing a song. He collaborated with Snow Rabbit for this particular track. The song if about their life stories about BTS and it contains their sincere emotions. The special album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever, will be released May 2. Their new songs will be performed on stage at the 2016 BTS LIVE < (HYYH) on stage Epilogue> on May 7th ~ 8th. ...... (A/N. We have been receiving multiple mentions telling us having to change our original translation when the '3-Part MV for (HYYH) Young Forever' news came out because people started spreading the idea of it being a mistranslation. We've clarified it a million times to these people that we have confirmed it with multiple sources, (i.e. trustworthy Korean news sites with international counterparts (e.g. Mwave, KpopHerald) and by consulting advanced and native Korean speakers) and it clearly says 3 NEW MVS for '(HYYH) Young Forever' alone and not the entire (HYYH) series as these people imply. WE HOPE THIS CLEARS THINGS UP and please stop spreading information if you haven't tried verifying it with the right sources on your own in the first place. Please staaaahp bombarding our notifications with that now. huhu. Thank you-) Summary & Trans by bangtanitl. Please take out with full credits.
I don't know anyone to tag, so feel free to tag people, anyone really. I kinda remember a "big person" name, but it's only part of their username, so....