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Dance With Devils
I saw someone post a pic of this and I decided to watch it.. IT WAS THE OTAKUBOMBDIGGITY (lol im an idiot) The description is this. Shiko Academy student Ritsuka Tachibana is summoned by the mysterious and handsome boys of the Student Council and accused of violating school rules. On top of which, a horrible incident happens at home. Who can she turn to, and why is she being targeted? In my description.. Is a bunch of cute devils who want something but falls in love with it and decides to fight for it. (lol I suck at descriptions)
is this dance with devils?
@LaNiqueWilliams SAME!!! I wanted her to Go with him!
I watched it already but I loved it so much(spoiler) I didn't like the decision she made in the ending.Also the need a second season
thank but when she didn't I was like wth @Yatosgirl
@NinjaMouse @AmazingAshley Dance with devils
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