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“Duckie~!” The voice sounded familiar so he turned to see who it was.
“Why are you here Hawk it’s too dangerous for you here. The lion warehouse is no place for innocents let alone one protected by the phoenix.” She pouted at him trying to look cute. He knew what she was doing but he could not let it get to him.
“But Duckie~ why can’t we play like we used to? You’re always so busy. Besides I never really got the whole borders and gang thing. We all used to play together and have so much fun. What happened? We all have different things we want so why can’t we get them together?”
“You don’t understand Hawk. Things aren’t as simple as they used to be. I know you want to spend time but I’m busy. I can walk you to the white-green border but after that you have to go home alone okay?”
“Fine, I guess I’m not as important any more either.” He really hated breaking her heart but she was still so innocent in this corrupt city. He envied her a little for it.
Making his way along the streets close to the borders Jackson was in panic mode. If Mark found out that Hawk went missing again heads would roll. He had searched the entire green district with no luck. It was large but with a crew of six they should have found her. Stopping at the intersection of the three territories he wiped his hand over his face in frustration.
“Yo Wang!” The voice came from further down the street where the white and green borders meet. Standing right at the border of the two territories was Ugly Duck. What the hell did he want he had no time of his stupid antics.
“The hell do you want?” Moving closer to UD, Jackson saw what looked like a woman in a large hoodie hiding her face. In front of him he could see her holding onto UD’s arm.
“You should do a better job at keeping track of her. If anyone other than me found her they would use her as leverage so fast to get you guys in on this feud.” Ugly Duck grabbed her pushing her over the border a little too harshly in his opinion but he knew why UD had to. Everyone cared about Hawk, so much so that everyone tried to keep her in their area. Phoenix only got her because Mark saw her as his younger sister. If any of the underlings got ahold of her they would use her to their advantage against even their own boss.
“I’m going to want my hoodie back woman. But you can’t give it back till after this feud is settled okay? I don’t want phoenix getting in on this if they don’t have to.”
“Careful you don’t want anyone thinking you’re a turncoat.” It was a joke layered with truths. Ugly Duck simply nodded before turning on his heels and walking off. Hawk looked so upset so he could not blame UD for leaving without even a goodbye.