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After checking the numbers in the office Yoongi made his way to the elevator. All this strife between the Lions and Dragons was making him have to work harder than normal. Stepping into the empty elevator he hit the button for the top floor letting it scan his finger for verification. Only a hand full of people were allowed to the top floor and only two people actually lived there. Just before the doors closed completely Jackson pushed a woman into the elevator.
“Stay in your room for the rest of the day. I won’t have you running away again. Oh sorry Yoongi.” Jackson bowed to him before pointing a finger at the woman as the doors closed again. She pushed her hood back revealing her face to him.
“Giving him high blood pressure again?” He smirked at the slim but curvy woman.
“I don’t see why I can’t go wherever I want. I’m not green, or red, or white. I’m just me!”
“You might not want to be one of us but you still represent the phoenix. You made that decision when you followed Mark here. Though I could give you a better reason to be on our side.”
“I know he keeps getting you all these amazing weapons but what about the gun I got you for your 18th birthday. All this fighting is ridiculous but if you have to defend yourself something you know like a part of you is the best way to go on patrols.” Zion T was that nagging wife that Crush never wanted to have. He understood what the man was getting at but these new guns Dean got him were just so smooth when they shot. He had already taken six with crimson and now onyx was itching for blood. All he had to do was find someone on the wrong side of the border and pow. Nothing fatal for now but still a shot to the leg was crippling enough to satisfy is hunger for now.
“Ah Zion you just don’t understand how smooth they are. If you would actually use guns instead of just buy them then you would understand.”
“How long did I supply you weapons before they found him and replaced me. I know your body and the types of guns that work best with it. What does he know other than how shiny it is?” Crush could not help but laugh at the other man. True it was a shit moved for Zico to put this younger guy in Zion’s hard earned position but when it came down to it Zion was not mad about being outed he was upset that his guns were not being used by his best friend.
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