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Since I forgot to actually post the voting and it's my fault I'll give one more day for voting. THANK YOU for the two gorgeous chicas who voted. So for BAP 1 and VIXX 1. :)

SHINee -VIXX - BTOB- B.A.P - SS301

-I know I will regret this- Yoongi murmured to himself as he watched the trio walking to the front step through the window.
You stood close to him with your son Yonghyun hugging your leg, curious to know who was coming. –I’m sure you’re exaggerating Yoongi, they will be fine-
Your husband looked at you with incredulous eyes. –I have my doubts Y/N, you don’t know these kids like I do-
You rolled your eyes, he was surely exaggerating. –Don’t worry so much-
Yonghyun tugged at your dress to grab your attention. –Mommy who is coming? -
-Mommy and daddy are going out, so you’re staying here with your uncles-
The boy smiled and clapped his little hands. –Uncles! -
As on cue the bell rang signaling that the three uncles had arrived. Yoongi opened up the door for them and Hoseok was the first one to greet everyone with his characteristic enthusiasm.
-Hello family! We are here! –
Yoongi shushed him immediately. –Be quiet Hoseok, Changmin is sleeping-
Jimin and Taehyung entered behind Hoseok and stood next to Yoongi agreeing to everything he said. –Yes hyung, Hoseok is always making so much noise-
-That goes for you too- Yoongi said turning to them.
Jimin gasped outraged and Taehyung chuckled, the little Yonghyun seeing his uncles ran to them, Hoseok lifting him in his arms.
-Uncle Hobi! Higher higher! -
Hoseok complied with the little one demands and lifted him higher, making airplane noises to amuse him. Yoongi cleared his throat and glared at his noisy friend.
Hoseok let down the boy and smiled. –I’m sorry-
-Thank you so much for coming guys- you said to the three of them. –The nanny cancelled at last minute and we can’t cancel tonight’s plans-
Jimin smiled kindly. –It’s nothing Y/N, we got this-
-I’m going to get my purse, excuse me- you said leaving the room, Yonghyun running behind you.
Yoongi watched you until you were gone, and then looked at his three friends. –Look, you can fool Y/N, but you can’t fool me. You better behave-
-Of course we will, when did we didn’t behave? - Taehyung said and everyone just stared at him in disbelief. –Ok, forget that-
-You know already what you have to do, if something happens call me, I really appreciate this guys, but please don’t go crazy- Yoongi said running a hand through his hair. –Try to be quiet, and put the kids to sleep early-
Jimin got closer to Yoongi and hugged him with one arm. –Don’t worry hyung, we have experience-
Yoongi was going to refute that last thing but you came back with your purse ready to go. –Let’s go Yoongi, we’ll be back soon boys-
The three said goodbye to the couple and closed the door.
The first thing they did was walk to the living room and sit on the couch to watch TV, Taehyung and Jimin sat on the bigger couch while Hoseok sat with Yonghyun in the smaller one; those two were on a tickling battle, Hoseok was laughing loudly and the boy was screaming for all the tickles.
-Guys, I think you’re being too loud- Jimin said while switching the channels.
-Of course not Jiminie! We are just playing a little-
Suddenly they heard cries, louder and louder by the second. Hoseok was too engrossed in the little battle to go and see what was happening so Taehyung turned to Jimin who was looking at him with the same shocked expression.
-It’s little Changmin, what do we do? -
Taehyung stood up. –We have to go and see of course, come-
The two guys went to the upper floor and reached Changmin’s room in no time. The little one was lying on his crib, crying with all his might.
-Oh god Taehyung, what is happening? Why is he crying? -
The taller boy had his full attention on the child, Taehyung first caressed his hair and then lifted him and held him close to his chest, making little soothing noises. –Maybe he woke up from the noise, or maybe he’s bored-
Jimin came closer until his face was in front of the child, Changmin had calmed down a little and he wasn’t crying anymore, Jimin took a towel from the closet and started to clean the baby’s face carefully. –There you go…We should bring him downstairs with us-
Taehyung nodded. –You’re right, grab his pacifier and his towel-
Jimin did as told and followed Taehyung downstairs, only to find Hoseok playing on the couch with Yonghyun.
-Oh the baby is awake!- they all took a seat on the couch and stood silent for a moment. Hoseok turned to the boys, Taehyung had little Changmin on his arms and Jimin was siting right beside him. –So what should we do now?-
-Well, hyung said we had to behave, so no mess for us tonight- he mumbled, with a slightly annoyed expression.
They all seemed to be in deep thoughts, it was right, if Yoongi thought by any mean that they were making a disaster he would kill them all. But then Hoseok came up with an idea.
-That’s right Jiminie, we won’t make any disaster. Why don’t we just talk? – he turned to Yonghyun with a big grin. –Yonghyun, what do you want to be when you grow up? –
The kid instantly smiled as bright as Hoseok and started to move his little legs up and down. –I want to be like daddy-
-Oh so you want to be a rapper? – asked Taehyung while putting the pacifier inside Changmin’s mouth.
Yonghyun nodded with his childish dreamy eyes big with excitement. –Yes!-
Hoseok perked up at this. –Jimin, bring the laptop, we will show Yonghyun how the rappers do-
Jimin jumped to his feet and went for the device. When he came back, they all gathered up around the laptop to see better.
-You’re going to see this Yonghyunie, rapping is my thing- he said to the boy and even little Changmin was staring at the laptop’s screen now.
Hoseok took charge and went to youtube, spending a few minutes there until he found the perfect video.
-Ah! Here it is- he put play, Jimin and Taehyung instantly recognized he song, and Taehyung despite having little Changmin on his arms, stood up all excited.
-This is my piece!- he screamed, bouncing Changmin between his arms who was giggling now.
The Cypher part 3 started to sound throughout the living room and they all got into the mood, jumping, rapping and screaming along with the lyrics.
-Daddy! – Yonghyun screamed when Yoongi’s part came, starting to jump on the couch and mimicking Yoongi’s movements.
Hoseok approached Jimin and screamed. –We need something else! Jimin, go to Yoongi’s room and bring some of his stuff, we need props-
-Why do I have to be the one going? –
-Of course you have to go Jiminie, you know where they are! –
-But hyung, how would I know where they are? I don’t know! – At this, Yonghyun jumped down from the couch, catching their uncles attention.
-But I know where daddy’s stuff are- he grabbed Jimin’s hand and started to pull him. – Come with me uncle, I will show you-
Both went upstairs to Yoongi’s bedroom, and picked some gold neck chains, kerchiefs of all colors, sunglasses and some of his snapbacks, running down to the living room right after they got it all.
When Hoseok and Taehyung saw all the goodies they cheered, laughing like maniacs.
-There is the good stuff! Bring it on- screamed Hoseok.
First they started to dress up Yonghyun, putting two chains on his neck, tying a kerchief over his mouth, and the final touch was the snapback on his little head.
-Now we will call you mini-gloss- Yonghyun clapped excited.
-I look just like daddy!- they all clapped as well and focused now on little Changmin. They spiked up the baby’s hair and arranged a kerchief on his head just like Yoongi used it in the N.O. era, finishing the baby with a pair of sunglasses that occupied half of his face.
-Now you look swag like your dad- Taehyung said and little Changmin giggled at his uncle’s words, repeating the word right after.
-Swag! - They all laughed at the child’s antics and Jimin started to rummage through Yoongi’s stuff.
-Wait guys, I want to look like hyung too! – Jimin grabbed a chain and put it around his neck. - Now this is more like it- he started to spike up his hair as well and put on a pair of sunglasses. –I’m ready to swag-
Taehyung and Hoseok decided they couldn’t stay behind, so they did the same as Jimin. Hoseok went for the same style he had in the we are bulletproof pt. 2 music video, with a kerchief underneath his snapback, he took off his jacket and remained with the black T-shirt he had underneath, adding a chain as the last touch for his outfit.
But Taehyung went all out. He took everything he could, the remaining two chains, put a kerchief around his neck and one tied on his wrist, put on a pair of sunglasses, a snapback a little bit twisted to the side and threw on the jacket Hoseok had just taken out.
-I feel like I’m fulfilling a long lost dream- he said when he finished. –I have waited so long for this moment- the joy on his expression couldn’t be described.
-Now we’re ready! Hyung turn it up! – Hoseok put play and the Cypher blasted through the laptop’s speakers.
Taehyung jumped with Changmin on his shoulders and started to rap Namjoon’s part, all excited and hyped up.
-Changmin hold on tight- Jimin said because Hoseok was too busy jumping with Yonghyun to the beat. Little Changmin was all giggles, enjoying the sudden mess. He did as his uncle told him and gripped Taehyung by his ears tightly, but Taehyung didn’t even notice, that’s just how excited he was.
The boys kept on rapping, jamming harder than ever to Yoongi’s part just to entertain his two sons. But the star of the night was little Yonghyun, who was now standing on the coffee table, next to his father’s laptop, jumping and screaming unintelligible lyrics trying to rap as fast as the song and doing the same movements as his father with the TV remote as his microphone.
-You go Yonghyun! – Everybody cheered for him and the kid gained some more confidence and started to jump even more on top of the table. Taehyung was running all around the living room with Changmin still attached on his shoulders, while Hoseok and Jimin jammed to the music like they were Yonghyun’s personal fans.
With all the hype they didn’t even notice when the door bursted open. Yoongi was staring open mouthed at the scene, disbelief all over his expression. You on the other hand were only giggling, covering your mouth because your kids seemed to be having to be having the time of their lives.
But Yoongi didn’t take it as easy, and he stepped into the living room with a frown. –What is this? –
At Yoongi’s words everybody froze. Taehyung was about to throw Changmin in the air, the child was laughing so hard he was covered in drool, the gigantic sunglasses were about to fall from his little face while Taehyung looked like a homeless man that had just attacked a hip hop store. Jimin was staring at the couple with impossible big eyes full of panic. Yonghyun was still on top of the coffee table and he dropped the remote at the sight of his parents, and for some unknown reason Hoseok was lying on the floor surrounded by all the cushions of the sofa.
-It looks like something just exploded here – you said, amused by the sight.
-Yes, a big mess exploded here - Yoongi looked at all of the boys with disapproving eyes.
-No hyung we can explain! – Taehyung said, now properly holding Changmin in a safer way against his chest.
-What will you explain? Everything seems so clear to me, you did exactly the opposite to what I told you- Yoongi crossed his arms over his chest and in that moment Yonghyun came running to him.
-Look daddy, I look like you! -
Yoongi looked down at his child, dressed up with all his things and the frown on his face disappeared, his whole expression softened to the sight. –Of course you do, you’re my son, as cool as his dad- he said proudly.
Everyone smiled and Hoseok even clapped, but Yoongi just glared at them. –This isn’t over for you-
Yonghyun pulled at his father’s pants to get his attention again. –And I do it just like you daddy, look at me- he ran again to the table, picking up the remote as a microphone and climbing on top of it. He pulled the kerchief over his mouth. –Swag! – the kid said and did a perfect pose.
To the sound of his brother, little Changmin started to jump on Taehyung’s arms and shouted enthusiastically with his baby voice. –Killer! – he babbled up.
-That’s how is done Changmin! – Taehyung said as proudly as Yoongi should have been.
Everybody stared at Yoongi to see his reaction but at the end everybody laughed, even Yoongi. Actually he was very proud of his two mini rappers.


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I vote VIXX next. The story was really cute. I enjoyed it, thank you for writing fanfictions for everybody to enjoy.
BAP Yongguk!
they never get bored.... cuz they got each other to annoy!haha.... if u got a older and comment
That's too adorable
That's freakin adorable!!!!
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