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(SPOILERS) Who do you think will be the TENTH member of the Straw Hat Pirates?! Comment (or guess) who you think will be the most POSSIBLE below & be sure to STATE EVIDENCE and a CLEAR EXPLANATION with FACTS & DETAILS!

We all might be wandering; "Who's gonna be the tenth member?" and those with theories either they're 99% accurate or not! (I'M NOT SURE if Vivi could be one but we do know she has that pirate sense in her after she was with the Straw Hats in Alabasta. But there could be a possibility whether or not she is one of the Straw Hats. ._.) MY highest possible guess is Jimbei since it's the only thing I'm positive with! But then there's Caesar the "shirorororo/shilolololol" mad scientist(?)! :I

So, who do you think..?

Now that my legs are awake from sleeping, I could finally go get some food! :'D
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if he makes it back to them
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I think Jinbei, or even maybe a new character introduced with Sanji's wedding
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Jinbei, law, or the guys with force fields
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