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We all can admit that K-dramas are over dramatic, not that realistic, and often set bad examples for relationships, but these are a few examples of when K-dramas really got it right when it comes to love.

Being grateful, not jealous.

Korean dramas tend to play up the jealous boyfriend role, and boys are portrayed as possessive guys who don't want anyone even looking at their partner. In this example here though, this character is grateful that others were looking out for his loved one when he couldn't.
[Drama: Bubblegum]

Be good to each other!

God I loved this relationship. He was overly caring unlike the usual Kdrama type that is mean to the girl they love. He practically worshipped her (in a very healthy way) and just clearly lived to make her happy.
[Drama: Shut Up Flower Boy Band]

You don't need to be loud about your love.

Quietly helping someone to let them shine is just as powerful as some huge sweeping gesture to make someone happy or successful. If you know your intentions, it doesn't matter who else does.
[Drama: She Was Pretty]

Sometimes, it just isn't meant to be.

There are so many factors involved with falling in love, and so many things are out of our control. Time, the other's feelings, distance, etc. Sometimes no matter how much you want to make it work, you just need to move on.
[Drama: Reply 1988]

Love knows no jealousy.

Regardless of what kind of love we're talking about, that love should not include jealousy. Your loved ones' success should make you happy not envious.
[Drama: Dream High]

Love isn't smart.

Whether you're the one returning to the situation, or if you're the one trying to get a loved one out of it - love doesn't make sense most of the time and all you can do it try your best.
[Drama: Monstar]

Sending a little love out to the world never hurt anyone.

Even in our darkest times, trying to find a way to shine light and show love to others can turn our entire day around. Once you send out some positive energy into the universe, chances are it will come back to you.
[Drama: Triangle]

What are your favorite examples of love in Korean dramas?!

You had to mention ByungHee WAAAAEEEEEE *cries and cries*
I liked the love in Healer. The man. not only respected her father, but loved her enough to also stand up to him, and there were no weird "if you love her let her go" or "act like an ass hole to protect her" scenarios. And they were open and honest with one another, which was refreshing.
Flower boy next door, he encouraged her to over come her anxiety and in my opinion made her a stronger person. It is one of my favorites and I fell in love with Yoon Shi Yoon in that drama
@MandyNoona I agree with you, the relationship from Healer was amazing. I loved how they spoke their minds and we're honest. 💖
I really love this list.
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