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Smut TaoxReader Romance

Rated M

Short Requested by @ScarletMermaid Enter whenever you think your body ready (^_^) hehe. Enjoy Your night with Z.Tao lol
What where you suppose to do, you knew you were forbidden to be with him but you just could not resist his smile his laughter those devilish eyes that make your body tremble with just one glance. You knew if your father was to find out about you and the bad rich boy of the neighborhood, he would kill you but that did not stop you from wanting him. that night he saved you from those thugs was the night you fell in love with him the way he look his body drenched with blood and sweat and the way he grab a hold of you as he left you up and carried you like a princess. You knew you had found your prince charming, no your knight and shinning armor. You would risk all just for him, that why tonight you decide to let him take you and make you his underneath the night sky.   Tao held your hand as you walked towards the city lights. Tao smirk as he notice the way you blushed just by him holding your hand. Your date was fun and thrilling but it was already ending however, you did not want this night to ever end, you wanted to stay by Tao side forever. “What wrong beautiful?” Tao leaned in closer to your face; he notices your expression changed you looked sad. “(Y/N)?” Tao call your name, his voice was serious and his eyes stared deep into yours. “Yes t-Tao” you blushed, as his face was just inch away from yours. “I know this night will come to an end soon but I don’t want you to leave my side, I want to spend tonight with you underneath the dark night sky” Tao held your hands tightly as he said sincerely and sweetly. “You’re my beautiful pure rose.” Tao said as he lean in close to your ear and whisper, “Will you let me taint you tonight?” you body shuddered as you felt his warm breath against your neck. “Let me deflower you (Y/N)” he said as he brushed his lips against yours. You pull away and nod you head, gulping down the lump in your throat. Tao smirked and pulled you in for another romantic kiss. He grab your hand and guild you to his truck. You felt nervous yet excited all at ones you ready for tonight. Tao drove you both to an empty field that was far away from the city; a place with a grass green field and flowers all around it was beautiful even underneath the night sky. Tao park his truck in the middle of the field. Tao got out of the car and walk over to your door. He quickly opens it and pulls you out. Yanking you towards him and catching you in his masculine arms.  You both fall down on to the grass filled ground, you falling on top of Tao. You quickly stood up and looked around nervously, Tao chuckles quietly. You both played for a while as he chased after you and rolled around on the ground. It was just like a dream, a dream you wished to stay forever in. “Tao do you like stars?” you asked, as you look up at a shimmering star above you. “Yeah, I have a favorite star that shines the bright from the rest” he responds “Really which one is that?” you asked him, suddenly you feel Tao roll on top of you. “You, you’re the most bright star in my dark night sky without you my sky would be dark and lonely. Thank you for brightening my world (Y/N)” Tao kissed you sweetly, he caressed your cheek as he deepen the kiss, you wanted to feel his warm against you as you pulled him in closer.   Tao break the kiss and moves down to your neck as he unbuttons your top and hikes up your skirt as he slide his hand up and down between your thighs. “Tonight we’ll make love underneath the stars we’ll be the brightest stars (Y/N)” Tao said, traced your body figure. He licked your cleavage as he moved down your stomached to your legs. You quivered as you held your eyes shut tightly. Tao removed his shirt and unbutton his pants, you couldn’t believe this was finally happening, tonight Tao will become one with you a day you wait for, for so long. You will be losing your virginity to the man you love. Tao brushed his lips over your breast as he gently massages them.  You suddenly feel his cold hands move up your thigh to your private. He began to rub your G spot with his finger teasingly. You tremble as he felt his other hand slip a finger inside of you. Your bodies press up against each other. His kiss his touch the way he made you feel was like you where floating, you body felt light your mind was at ease as he kiss you sweetly. You felt his member enter you slow your lit your hips upwards as your back arched forward. His members throbbing inside of made you twitch. Tao lean in towards and kissed you as he was in between your legs holding them open as he thrust in and out slowly pulled out and forcefully slamming it back inside of you, you hitched after ever thrust, you wrap your arms around Tao as he buried his face into your neck still ramming inside of you. You tighten your grip as you began to feel him going in deeper and deeper until finally he hit your wall. You let out a loud pleasuring moan as you reached your climax. Tao kissed your lips and lay down on your breast as you raked his hair back.   “(Y/N) marry me” Tao rolled you over on top of him. Your eyes widen you didn’t expect him to ask you such a question. “I know your father hate me but I’ll go through hell and back just to save you” Tao kissed you on the forehead you began to blush. “But what if he doesn’t let me be with you or see you?” you worried. “Then I’ll steal you and run away with you to a place where we can be happy and free together with a family” He comfort you. Your smile grows as you leaped into his arms and kissed him repeatedly. “Yes I’ll marry you!” you kissed him. Tao wrap his arms around your waist as you began to roll your hips as you sat on his lap. He began to groan this turn you on more, you wanted to feel him again inside of. You felt Tao members poking you. You grabbed it and stroked it and adjusted near your entrance. You gave Tao a looked that told him you wanted him even more. He grab you by your hips and slammed you down skinning down onto his members, you yelped as your ass slammed downwards. You rolled your hips and moved up and down slowly and faster.  “(Y/N)” Tao moaned your name as he buried his face into your breast.  You throw your head back as you began to bounce on his members’ harder giving Tao those loud and hunger filled moans, he has wanted to hear for so long. “T-Tao! Uh, AH Fuck!” you purred,  Tao tighten his grip on your waist nearly leaving finger prints. You scream out his name as you begged him for more. He lead you on your back and left you legs upwards and forward as he slammed into you. Your skin smacking each other the sound of your wetness as your bodies was drenched in sweat. “Tao uh fuck I’m Cumming... oh god yes!” you growled,  Tao leaned in and tongue kiss you deeply and sloppily that when he pulled away your salvia lingered drip.    “(Y/N)” Tao huffed “I’m about to uh cum” he moaned with such a husky tone of voice.  You wrapped your legs around Tao as he rammed in harder and deeper, if that was even possible. Finally you let out a loud grunt as you both reach your climax; you both let out a heavy huff of pleasure. Tao kissed you lips then your forehead and smiled at you, you smiled back as your hugged him tightly as your squealed happily. Tao chuckles at how cute you are. “I love you my shimmering shooting star.” Tao kiss you. “I love you my knight and shining armor” you kissed him back as he embraced you into his arm. You felt so happy and safe in his arms and you loved the way your fingers fit perfectly in between his. Tao drove you home around the middle of the night you sneaked into your house quietly and quickly trying not to wake up your parents you quickly ran into your room closing the door shut quietly as you lean your back against it you smiled happily and shyly as you slid down you touched your lips. You could still feel his lips against your and his warmth against your body. You shudder, you squealed and jumped onto your bed kicking and punching the air. You tossed and turn rolling around happily tossing your pills and bed sheets on to the floor you felt like you wanted you scream with so much joy. You hugged the teddy bear Tao had gotten you. You giggled as you looked at the teddy. “Mr. Gucci today I made love to the love of my life and he asked me to bed his wife!” you said to the teddy bear that was dress up just like Tao. You giggled and rolled around wrapping your covers around you. Your life was officially a dream come true. You looked outside your bedroom window and smiled at the shining star in the night sky. “Thank you for granting my wish” you yawned as you fell fast to sleep
sorry if it's too short. I feel like it's short lol anyways I wanted to make a romantic one like this and I really liked it myself so I hope you did too ^_^


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@EmmaJolie yay I'm glad you did
AWE! Short and sweet! Loved it!
I wish. I'll just walk up and show them a picture. MIN YOONGI PLEASE THANK YOU. I'll be that one person all the little children are staring at 😂 but I love the idea.
@JaxomB also why would I ruin it by adding reality. if I did that no kpop idol will give us the time of day since they don't even have a time of the day for them self poor thing lol idk try going with Flow for once you'll like It lol like seriously it'll start off like you see him enter the room. he doesn't notice your existence and continue walking the end. Rofl
@JaxomB it's called fanfic for reason though lol
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