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Choi Min-ah is an ordinary woman living in Daegu, South Korea who works in her dad's restaurant by day but by night she is the famous online author "Soul of Seoul"... Her brother Min-yuk becomes a kpop idol signed under BigHit Entertainment and Min-ah who is a huge Kpop fan loves many groups aside from her brother's, one of them being BigBang... A chance meeting with BigBang happens... Her bias is TOP but she unknowingly catches the eye of the leader... Unable to realize he likes her, much to his confusion shy JiYong cannot understand why he is drawn to her... Unlike many women his money and status mean nothing to her... To top it all off her brother's best friend Jae-won and an ex of hers come in to play... Being one of 3 men competing for her heart where does that put the shy yet fearless leader of BigBang???
Since the story took a turn that I hadn't planned I have edited this on Wednesday April 20th...
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any chance you're going to update this soon? I'm hooked & want to know how things pan out.
@EricaEnnis Her brother's group is signed with BigHit... Not BigBang... @P1B2Bear Thanks...
@EricaEnnis where did it say they were in bighit ? ( not hating XD , just curious cause I didn't see it )
Please Tag Me!
Not to be a stickler or anything, and definitely not to be rude, but bigbang is with yg. They arent signed to bighit...