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vs model candice swanepoel decides to take things light and change her hair color to platinummmm will this be the new trend?
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hm.....not too sure about this oneeee she looks way better with blonde hairrr not platinummm! obviosuly maybe in the fashion industry this could be a trendddd but in the real worldd i wouldnt be too sureee haha
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@miranpark88 i knoooooooo it def seems like a cool color to tryyy but i wouldn't go from blonde to platinummm LOL don't hav the balls for itt
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I would definitely try if I could. I think that now is the time play with hair colors, because later on I don't think I will be able to do so.
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@roselee89 i think should u should go for ittttttt its soooo bad asssssss
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