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Seoul Grand Park is like a get-away from Seoul in the center of Seoul. There's a park and a zoo and more, but I only recently visited the zoo. If you come, visit Seoul Grand Park!
The Cherry blossoms were the highlight of the visit -- the reason we went to the park. 너무 예뻐요~!
There were lots of peacocks! Even the white ones. One was standing in front the gate -- blocking the exit!
Dolphin show ♡ (used to be favorite animal)
Elephants!!! 네 언니가 코끼리를 좋아해
looks amazing! hope to go there soon, I went to han river but no more bloosoms
@Ticasensei I know! It's too rainy lately!! :( but it's still beautiful~
@shelbyhusband right?it's dark everyday now and gloomy =/