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Alright, I caught up on Re:Zero through episode 3 and I'm stillllll loving it!!!! The plot is really different than other things I've seen before, but also totally in line with the kinds of stories I love, you know?
I really love how while they were fighting, they were talking, but they also kept fighting! Seriously, there are so many shows where they stop fighting or casting attacks and move and such because of talking instead, but this one they were intertwined really well!!! So enjoyable. And Reinhard is a babe, just saying :D
And Elsa is AMAZING. Seriously. I want to know how she did that "delayed" attack on Subaru (it better be explained) and I want to see her fight again.
Emilia is really powerful, and I think she has a lot more power than we know about!!! I'm waiting to see how that develops, and hope that Puck is able to help her harness that.
Also, Felt!!! Felt!! What does Reinhard know about her?! What are her secrets?! I can't wait to find out more. He definitely knows something -- is she the line of a great family or something? Considering she doesn't even know her last name, it's totally possible.
And Subaru....what in the world is going on with you? How have things "Happened" but not happened? Why do only you remember, but the signs (like Emilia's flower) are still there? So many questions!!!! I can't wait for the next episode!!!!

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I just finished watching this episode. so far i really like the anime. Reinhard i like him so far (still on the fence tho) Emilia is cool too.
When Subaru got slashed at the end I was thinking we're not seriously going to have to watch this same day all over again
Loving this show ! The characters are awesome, and the storyline so far is very intriguing:)
aaak, I haven't watched it