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I just love Hyungsik on this show so much. He's working very hard and he's being recognized for it. The fact that he does not complain about the tough training given his family background (his dad is a member of the Board of Directors of BMW Korea) says so much about his character. Ah~~ For background information about the show, watch Hyungsik jump out of the helicopter in the video I attach! -- While going to rigorous training in the army without any complaints, ZE:A Hyung Sik couldn’t help but to shed a tear at the sound of his father’s voice. On June 30’s broadcast of MBC’ Real Man, Hyung Sik returned to the base after receiving guerilla training in poor weather conditions. There, he called his father for the first time since arriving in the army. His father greeted him with, “Is this Hyung Sik? Son. I was just leaving work thinking about you.” After telling his father about the tough training he just fininshed, Hyung Sik said, ‘I realized this after coming to the army, but I haven’t called you enough. I’ll call you more often. I’ll return in good condition. I love you.” His father replied, “Dad’s heart aches too. I love you.” Although the phone call was short, it was enough to pull tears out of Hyung Sik’s eyes as he thought about his parents. Source :
@winterlovesong if we make an F4 for idols, he's definitely a member! A long with Siwon @dreamgirl I'm already loving him ~
Hyungsik <3 how can one NOT love him <3<3
He looks like a honest boy. Didn't know that he is such a rich boy judging from the way he acts :)