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So in Korea there is a fruit called a 유자 (yu-ja) and it is similar to a lemon.

A really really popular drink is 유자차 (yu-ja-cha) Yuja Tea!

You basically make a sort of jam out of the fruit and then when you're ready for tea you add a scoop to your cup and then add hot water!

It's used a lot to help sore throats and colds.

I didn't have yuja and you're able to use grapefruit, lemon, and orange as well so I tried to make some with orange!

It tasted pretty okay :D

Has anyone tried this before?!

kinda random lol
yes! i only tried the lemon kind because of my sore throat the other day
Yes! I did and still do . If you do it every day for four months it helps slim you down.drink it hot or warm.
I make a hot drink that helps sore throats. I soaked lemons in honey and it tastes so so good. I put it on toast too lol. just eating a spoonful helps a cough more than normal honey
@Tigerlily84 true true, its just the first shopping trip that gets you hahah I actually bought the red pepper flakes and STILL have them in my pantry. I use it in a lot of things but never run out!
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