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Celebrity chef and television personality Rick Bayless is a pretty funny guy. If you've seen his show 'Mexico: One Plate at a Time', chances are you've caught onto his laidback TV persona.

However, some fans of the show think he might be a little TOO easy-going, and a few have taken to social media to suggest that Rick might secretly be a huge stoner. Rick denies this, of course, but considering today is 4/20, the infamous marijuana holiday, he decided to poke a little harmless fun at the theory with this hilarious '4/20 Taco' recipe!

Want to know what's in a 4/20 Taco?

- Potatoes

- Bacon

- Chicharrón

- Cheese

- Hot Sauce

Yes, leave it to a guy who specializes in Mexican cuisine to magically repurpose some chicharrónes.

Now, how exactly do you MAKE 4/20 Tacos?

Well, first he sautes diced bacon and onions until they're nice and caramelized.

Then he tosses in chopped potatoes because what kind of self-respecting stoner doesn't love starch?

Once the potatoes are golden brown, he covers that whole spread in hot sauce. Because tacos.

And then there's the cheese. He doesn't say which cheese, but I'd be down for some queso fresco.

Give all that deliciousness one of those fancy chef pan-tosses.

Throw that into a tortilla. (He uses a flour tortilla, but I'm personally all about that corn.)

Then he layers on some chicharrón and even more hot sauce.

And finishes off with a hearty bout of stoner giggling. Of course.

Watch the full video above to truly appreciate the hilarity that is Rick Bayless blazing his way through a taco recipe.

And for more viral vids from the dark side of the internet, follow my YouTube Nation collection.
the only ones from that list I haven't read yet are morgellons disease and the middle ages which I now have to read. @marshalledgar
moon landing was a hoax. the earth is flat. space is fake. the middle ages never existed. morgellons disease is real. hiv was created (a biproduct of polio vaccine gone wrong) and many others @hhead232
@marshalledgar What kind of conspiracy theories do you have? I do like to read them.
@marshalledgar He's SUPER adorable! I want to watch more of his stuff now.
@CristalTrujillo Ikr, I want to make these this weekend.
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