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Hellllllo everyone!

I wanted to start a littttttle game that would be easy to do & kind of fun to see what everyone likes!

How to Join:

- Post a card with an OP or ED* that you like!!!
- Tag a friend (or two, or three!) to share theirs, too!
- Profit, and learn about a bunch of new OPs & EDs that are AWESOME!!!
*for those that don't know, OP and ED are the opening and ending songs from anime!

My OP choice: Strider's High from Prince of Stride!

My ED choice is Re: Life in a different world from zero's ED -「STYX HELIX」!!!

And I challenge!!!

Post your card and tag more people to try, too!! :D
@SimoneSanders oh thanks ^-^ and okay 😁
Tokyo ghoul unravel
no you can do it ill love to see wat u like. tagg me 😄
game on lol
do i have to be tagged to do this cuz i wanna freaking do thus