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Actress Moon Geun Young recently selected Lee Kwang Soo as her ideal type. On June 30, Moon Geun Young was asked on MBC‘s “Section TV: Entertainment Talk” to pick her ideal type among actors Park Gun Hyung, Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Bum. When asked to explain the reason she had chosen Lee Kwang Soo, she replied cheerfully, “Well, he is the tallest one in the group. Plus, he is an attentive and considerate person. He’s the type of guy who will always look out for you.” Kim Bum, who had been listening all along, teased Lee Kwang Soo, “Hey, you still have people thinking that about you?” causing Lee Kwang Soo to blush in embarrassment. Netizens who saw the interview commented, “That’s interesting. Moon Geun Young picked Lee Kwang Soo as her ideal type?” and “I guess she’s fallen for Lee Kwang Soo’s undeniable charisma!”
Awwwww! Someone picked him as their ideal type? That's so cute. I love Lee Kwang Soo. He's great.
that's a very nice thing of her to say haha. But he's witty and seems sincere... who wouldn't like him :)