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Thank you for your patience with me Monday and Yesterday. It's been a rough start to the week, but all is well!

Eyes and Lips won 15 votes out of a total of 16 . Not Bad!

So here we go!

N Jummah has some of the most gorgeous eyes in the industry. His lips are kissable too!
Leo's eyes are very emotive, and his lips are so freakin pretty to me. But I'm biased lol
Ken.... This guy has soulful eyes. And his lips are so plump I just want to lay on them and make them my pillow. Oettokajii!
Raaaveh! Man, his eyes really hold some emotion in them. I sometimes see them as sad, but that's just me. He's got some pretty lips too.
Hongbin.... what can I say... One of the most contagious smiles on the planet. His lips are just begging for attention and those doe eyes will trap you if his lips dont.
HYUKKIEPOO! This Maknae is so adorable and squishie! He's got cute Bobo lips and gorge doe eyes!


So what do you want to see next Wednesday?

Sweaty VIXX


Barefaced VIXX?

@resavalencia @StephanieDuong @NathashaXavier @merryjayne13 The eyes especially....I can get lost in all of their eyes... drown in those warm chocolate pools.
@twistedPuppy @MandyNoona I'm with you guys - eyes are key. I feel like you can tell so much about a person just from their eyes. I'm voting for sweaty Vixx.... 😈
For some reason those eyes gives me the feels. I vote for sweaty Vixx
@CristalTrujillo just you? no way! I would if given the chance. I'll keep hairstyles in mind as an option in the future, great idea! all options not voted for will be revisited at some point. so that thigh appreciation will happen eventually ^^
Can we all just admit that if we had the chance to kiss all of them, we would? Or is that only me? On a different note, something that I'd love to see is which hairstyles makes each one of them look 10 times sexier. Edit: Though it'll be nice to see that thigh appreciation card soon
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