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Welcome to 'Sweet Talk' where I'll be highlighting some phrases in other languages that I think we can all connect with!

Today we have Ikimono Gakari teaching us about lost love with "Light of the Fireflies." They're a great Japanese band and you should definitely check out more of their work!

(she says the phrase at 0:42)


(kuchi-zuke wo noko-shite)

Leave with a kiss.

くちづけ (kuchi-zuke)- A kiss
を (wo)- (object particle^^)
残して (nokoshite) - To leave

Do you have any particular goodbye kiss that you remember?

I had a kiss with my ex boyfriend after prom as he walked me to my door. that kiss led to other things with no talk. A kiss can speak without words
I blogged about this particular way of learning Japanese, it is fun to learn something with music.
@RoCP I didn't until like a month or two ago, but it only lasted two weeks. (I'm 17 now) we never kissed through. Good luck to you and your first!
I don't have a goodbye kiss that is memorable. Wanna fix that, OP?
Nope lol living the single life since day one but I will be living the taken one in six years WHICH IS TO FAR AWAY
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