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Hi everyone!
I've already introduced myself to many of you, but I'm writing this card as an official introduction to our lovely Beauty Community! So, hello!

Here's what you need to know about our awesome community:

Get Advice & Share Yours!

- Post cards of your "everyday" looks (such as Eye of the Day, Lips of the Day, etc) to get advice & praise from others!!
- Join makeup challenges, or start your own!!
- Post your hauls, if you have em ;)
- Share your favorite products, how you use them, etc! Make sure to include what the details are so other people can try them out, too!
- Enjoy the community!!

Keep It a Supportive Environment!

- Support each other!
Like cards, comment, give constructive criticism, share your advice!! We're all here for each other, mmkay?
- No hate speech, threats, violence, or spam permitted in comments or cards!
They will be reported as per Vingle's Community Guidleines!
- Try not to leave leave negative comments on a card just because you don't personally like the look!
Constructive criticism is welcome, but every style won't be your style, so try to be open minded about it!
- Don't steal content.
If the pics aren't yours, make sure they're linked to the original source or link them yourself!
- Feel free to message me at any time for support or if you're having a problem in the community!

There are Tons of Sub-Communities!

Check some of them out!
Publish your cards to Beauty, but also to any sub communities you think would enjoy it :) Then you'll get more people looking at your cards!

No Sales + Promotion Allowed!

It's against the rules on Vingle to post for advertising / sales purposes, so don't try to sell things here!
It's totally fine to share about sales that are ongoing elsewhere (such as a discount at Tarte, or whatever) but posts that are simply for advertising purposes will be reports!
Also, try to keep self-promotion posts to a minimum!
It's fine to link your other social media in your posts, but we want to talk & interact here in the community, too, so make sure that's not the whole post ;)

And that's all!!!

Let's have fun together, everyone! Tagging some beauty peeps :)
Woooo! Welcome beauties!
Yayyy!!!! Hey everyone!!! 🤗😉