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Hey everyone :)
I've decided to put together some tag lists in the Beauty community so I can help everyone see the cards they'll be interested in!

So let me know what kinds of cards you are interested in being tagged in!!

Here's some categories:
- beauty hauls
- makeup tutorials
- makeup reviews (can let me know a specific type!)
- hair tutorials (can let me know a specific type!)
- Looks of the Day
- nail tutorials
- anything else you're most interested in

Let me know what kinds of beauty you want to be tagged about!

I'll try to help you out!!
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Of course hair tutorials! :)
2 years ago·Reply
I'm down for it all. hair though, kinky/curly naturals or non-chemical straightening is my preference
2 years ago·Reply
Makeup tutorials!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Everything definitely...
2 years ago·Reply
Beauty hauls and make up reviews
2 years ago·Reply