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Some may remember this as the moment Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi) discovered that Yeo Wool (Suzy) is actually a girl, while others may remember it as the day Suzy's uncle fans went into rage mode. Lee Seung Gi, who remembers that moment as more of the latter, recalled upon the scene and the backlash he received from fans of Suzy in an interview with TVReport. The singer-turned-actor shared, "I expected uncle fans to rise up, but I really didn't think the reaction would be that huge. I think for the first time since my debut, I heard all sorts of curses and harsh comments. Haha. Writer Kang Eun Kyung texted me, 'Thank you for your sacrifice.' Ah, it really was a sacrifice on my end." However, if you're one of those who spoke badly of Lee Seung Gi when that scene aired, don't fret because he doesn't hold a grudge! He actually understands. "In the past, I was once called the 'nation's little brother', and my noona fans' spirits were quite strong. I think Suzy is in that kind of stage. I think, thanks to Suzy's fans, my mentality has gotten stronger," he stated. In regards to acting with the female idol-actress, Lee Seung Gi said humorously, "If you feel uncomfortable around the person you're acting alongside, then your acting just doesn't come out very well. Suzy always made it comfortable for me to do whatever I wanted. For example, if the script called for one kiss scene, but if I felt that two kiss scenes were needed to effectively convey the emotions of the lead character, I would voice my opinion freely and Suzy would take it well. Ah, but if I say things like this, I'll probably be misunderstood? It seems like I might receive harsh comments again." 'Book of the House of Gu' recently wrapped up its run, falling a bit short of its goal of breaking 20% in ratings, but it has fared the best among all non-daily weekday dramas as of late. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/lee-seung-gi-recalls-his-bad-manner-hands-scene-with-suzy-and-suzys-fans-reactions
ooppsss....what's that haha...
AHAHA. I was dying at that part LOL xD.
omomoomomo... they look awesome. Taemin so grown up... teehee Choi Minho... teehee lol
of SHINee's???
@relinashinee no as in the new song is called 'Breaking News'! http://youtu.be/Hn6CS1BgVcM there was a full version but was blocked :(
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