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Hey guys, I was thinking of doing something fun with the community and thought of this question.

Which shoe would you choose to wear for the rest of your life?

That’s a tough one but both style of footwear goes with casual outfits and formal outfits.

Outfits with Sneakers

Outfits with Heels

My shoe of choice is sneakers.
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@cindystran I used to drive and now I live in korea so it's more walking and taking trains, plus the weather is not good for heels and you spend most day in same shoes. plus I'm ok because no matter what kind of clothes people wear, they use sneakers too =)
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@Ticasensei True! I've seen a lot of Korean street fashionistas wearing sneakers and they look super trendy.
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Them sneakers be on lock.
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sneakers all day long.
2 years ago·Reply
Sneakers ☺️
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