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I am totally in love with this color & lipstick!

It's called "Charming" from the Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick line by TheBalm, one of my favorite brands.
I mentioned that it's one of my "most used" products in my Lip Collection card, and it is....but I've only had it for a week! LOL! It's a fast favorite, I guess.
The packaging is super fun, too, keeping in the same style of the rest of the Meet Matt(e) collection, and the application is great for the style of liquid lipstick that it is!
Ignore my HORRIBLE skin in these photos (lol) but you can see how it looks right after applying in the first image, and then how it looks once it dries in the second!
It's definitely a dry, tiny bit sticky finish, but I really like it. I put my transparent powder over it to help set it, and while I had to reapply at lunch, it was pretty good at holding other than that!!!
This camera isn't super great, but here's what it looked like on before heading out! I didn't take any mid-day photos, so you'll have to take my word for it's holding power ;) I love this lipstick so much!

Definitely going to check out what other colors they have available to see what I think of them :D

@marshalledgar it definitely is the best real lipstick I've worn in a while. and thanks!! been letting my bangs grow out for the first time in years and actually loving it :)
That's a great color. Looks super creamy and comfortable to wear. Also--great hair @hikaymm
Yes girl I love that color on you!
@alywoah thank you!!!