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Genos the cyborg hes fast strong and can blow you up from miles away (Im not putting in OPM cause he would win hands down cause he has the power to one punch anything so hes the next best)
Alucard the vampire the strongest vampire in the world with his twin pistols he hunt monsters of the night
Vegeta the prince of all saiyan (we will stop at super sayian 4 cause thats as far as I know about and no I'm not putting in goku hes used to much in battles ) he's fast strong and when hes mad you run
Madara Uchiha (I dont know much this is a warning) he's a ninja and the best of the best you dont want to get on his bad side
so who would win ( I personaly think genos ) these are some of the OP characters that would have a epic fight I didnt put goku or saitama cause goku Ive seen death battle after death battle and goku will be in a bunch so lets use vegeta and saitama is able to one punch anything so he would win but of this group who would come out on top
Def madara I mean cmon! He is ridiculously strong and smart.
lets see what you guys pick @CreetheOtaku @BlackoutZJ @KillerJuggalo38 @AloraGrimm @lovelywhite13 @AshChrimson @tbell2 @hikaymm @VoidX @poojas @Kirik @MadAndrea @ChrisSantiago @KaylanMadoori @DaiGakuSei @BlackDragon88 @MaighdlinS @Arnelli @NikolasSatterwh @MichaelCochran @AsilaYoung @ErikFrausto @brnsime69 @MissAguria @gildas @IRISHVIXONVah @f8lessdawg @just4cheeky @NathanielMoanan @tianaday2002 @DaequanLewis @crimsonsasuke @NyghtOwl @RobertWhite @EstefanOlivares @jjbosy @Furutsu @TroyxAkashi @AidenMalinowski @MorghanPorter @rpat1500 @AloraGrimm @axel47982 @Reaperg15 @MahoganyArnold @KarkittyOtaku @MTEverest @XavierLopez @RileyHarrison @ziggyb113 @KenonWilliams @KillerJuggalo38 @raditorchillit @ALEXCAMACHO @JeremyGilmore @TheAnimeGod @DEZZYanFRIENDZ @samihudson @CourtneyDoose @Dlopez031113 @JamalWallace @noWaifuNoLaifu @SydneyKindberg @HiwaRasul @deathkittenz97 @JazziJay @jacobhathaway @BND737 @natsudragneel03 @Lunawolf129 @yaminoyuki @Animaniafreak @devinrohers @NikolasSatterwh @LadyLuna @LateefMolette @KennethHansen @lovelywhite13 @RachaelMacy @TurtleyTurtles @AnimeDragon @randysqwishy23 @AustinThurston @Sharia @ScottGardner @Stoneyy @JosephBurton @MichaelPeltier @martinsebastian @alliepetey @jevonlowery @Mcboss @havic @MaryMcCombs @pandalyn @KaneMau @Shad0wrunner @nicocoup @begone @ElizabethCaaman @HeidyAgramonte @StevenFick @Fedplz @jdude237 @NickDabon @LadyL @MajahnNelson @MaddyScoop @ChienWeiHuang @ChangoLeon @KaneMau @JoseLuisRobles @KarouKuroo @templar0122 @Priscillasdoor @animerg13 @ZephyrBlaze @SSJ4Vegeta1986 @SeanVigil @TanaeaHarper @LittleHorn @bud113 @LizaNightshade @Furutsu @mikeystumbo @ShaneGeraghty @DantaeVereen
Vegeta or Alucard
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