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■□■G-Dragon VS G-Dragon■□■
Are you ever just so talented .....
that you go against yourself in the ballets XD
if found it cute because then you see him casually hiding behind Seungri
and Seungri is just like "Not today Hyung" lol
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Cute!! Where did u get that gif?
2 years ago·Reply
Did he pull Panda over just to hide behind him??
2 years ago·Reply
@IWuvKpop Seungri was already on the stage so GD just decided to mess with him XD lol . . but this is where it's from : (around 4:14 you can see GD starting to mess with Seungri)
2 years ago·Reply
@KwonOfAKind is the video anywhere on facebook??
2 years ago·Reply
Am I the only one who went crazy to see j hope and kookie
2 years ago·Reply