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Pairing: Jimin x Reader Word Length: 822 (Y/N)'s P.O.V I rose up from my seat heading towards the door and onto the hallway. Lately I've been feeling very stressed out and I haven't been eating nor sleeping properly these past few days. 'Teachers have no chill giving us tons of homework to the point where you no longer have any free time for yourself' I thought. I'm not a big fan of school I would say. I only do what I supposed to even though I turned my work in pretty late. I wouldn't call myself smart but I'm not stupid either. I live with my parents for now but I'm hoping to move out soon. By this time I had arrived home I walked towards my room which by the way shared with my little sister. She's 7 years old and she's way too cute but I love messing with her by telling her she's ugly. I always tell her I'm playing so that hopefully she won't take it to the heart. Walking back out to the living room I greet my mother who is laying in the couch using her phone doing who knows what. "I'm home." I say while rubbing my hands against my arm. It was extremely cold because the living rooms A/C was on. I walked towards her to give her a kiss on the cheek. "How was school?" She asked still focusing on her cellular device. "Like always. Good." I gave her a smile. "WHAT'S FOR DINNER?" I yell aloud hoping she would pay some attention to me. "Can't there be a day where you're quiet?" You threw her a playful glare and the burst out laughing for no reason.
Better get to eating now I guess. Walking over to the kitchen I notice my little sister there watching some random show that would air on TV. I asked her to lower the volume and she did so. I told her thank you and have her a simple smile. Soon after I received a message from long time best friend. 'Lets meet in our usual place see ya there ;)' I scoffed at the message. Usual place my ass I thought, still I couldn't leave him there hanging plus I haven't seen him since like forever. I went in for a quick shower and noticed my body figure. I didn't have the perfect body. I was ashamed on how I looked. My face, arms, legs, basically everything. I shook off all those negative thoughts, I know better than to think that way. "I have to hurry that ass is most likely already there", I whisper to myself. Minutes later I get out the shower and dress myself in a hurry. "Mom I'll be out for a while I'll be back before you head to work." I said while grabbing my phone and making my way to the door. "Alright be safe. You need anything don't hesitate to give me a call." She said. I stepped out and made my way to our 'usual' place. I sighed. I mean it has been a while since we last saw each other due to the fact that he was out of town. He was out for maybe a couple months? I dunno. A couple minutes had passed and I was almost there. Seeing how there was a man figure I could tell straight away he was there. "Jiminie!" I shouted. He turned around and shook his hand back and forth showing his perfectly big smile. Which in fact caused me to smile back. "How have you been!?" I asked while grabbing him by his neck and pulling him down just enough to ruffle his hair. "Ya!" He said while trying to break loose and he eventually did. "Now that's not fair is it?" He soon enough did the same to me. He's way stronger than me but hey at least I'm not weak! I tried to break free but couldn't. Leaves me no choice does it? "Hey wait a moment my mom is calling." I said while holding my phone out. He let go. I couldn't help but start laughing afterwards. Idiot thought my mom actually called. "I can't believe you actually fell for it! You're such an idiot!" I yell out while running before he could grab me."Why you little! Come back here!" Good luck trying to catch me I'm way ahead of you!
I was hiding behind this tree. I didn't even realize I ran this far! I was so out of breathe. Not even paying attention to my surroundings anymore I pulled out my phone and noticed I had a missed call from Jimin. I dialed him back and on the 2nd ring he answered. "Found you," said Jimin sounding a bit breathless. You turned around as fast as you could, there he is standing holding his phone up to his ear. Trying not to sound surprised I reply. "You don't say?"
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