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Doesn't matter where we are, as long as we're together, and going in the same direction, on the same path, that's where I want to me--closer and closer to you.
That's the kind of love I'm interested in. Am I looking for it? Nope. Am I pining for it? Not at all. I'm just gonna let the year play out and see what happens.
When you're with the one you love (and they love you too), it's sort of impossible to ignore the untold adventures the two of you can have (and should have). Go out there and make some awesome memories. Live without regrets. Take risks. Laugh often.
Don't get caught up in perfection, for it's fleeting, even if you find it. Get caught up in providence. Every moment should be truly lived, for those moments cannot be undone.
Wishing all the lovers out there a blessed relationship. I also want to wish all the singles out there a blessed journey in love.
I love this! You can't plan everything, and if you come into a relationship with a million expectations you're bound to be disappointed. Looking at relationships like an adventure leaves you open to try new things and be surprised!
love love love this! I feel like if you're with that person you truly love and care about it doesnt matter what you're doing as long as you're doing it together.
Exactly! @shannon15 Well said