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Can we just take a second of silence to those who have fallen. The fangirls and fanboys that lost their lives yesterday- KP Day (April 19, 2016)- after a horrifying 3 way attack of two teasers and a full mv. Some survived, few were injured, many were slayed.
YESTERDAY WAS ABSOLUTE MADNESS!!! All day my friends and I were having a major panic attack after all the comeback bombs we recieved. We were mentally prepared for 1 mv, the other one eeeeeeh kind of.......BUT ONE OF THEM (WE ALL KNOW WHO I AM TALKING ABOUT) SENT DOWN A BRIGADE OF TRAINED ASSASSINS TO SLAY EVERY ONE OF OUR SOULS!!!!!

This...this right here...made my heart stop for the 3 minutes and 26 seconds it played. Honestly I think the only reason my friends and I survived was due to constant reminders of needing to see the mv in the future xD

This MV was ridiculously good! I think VIXX's new concept is going to be an amazing story thats gonna just destroy our little fangirl and fanboy hearts and souls. Plus, just in case everyone forgot, THEY LOOK SO FREAKING HOT!!!

And finally, these beautiful boys right here *grasps heart*. They gave us a teaser to their new album and after listening to it I hope Im not the only one thinking " Hmmm if i plan it out well, kidnapping may be possible" just kidding.........maybe . The songs sound phenomenal, and with each member like Minghao and Wonwoo getting to show more of themselves in this comeback, we know its going to be. Oh- my- god, Oh my god (im sorry it was corny but come on i had to xD)

Yesterday was just a complete massacre, but to those who survived are you excited for SEVENTEEN's comeback? Are you juST AS EMOTIONALLY SCARRED AS I AM FROM BTS's EARLY TEASER REVEAL?!?! How about Vixx's MV did you love it, really love it, or absoultely drown in its glory (other descriptions may be excepted) xD. Feel free to comment and express what you thought, we all need to stay together to survive future attacks xD

*i do not own the beautiful vids and gifs used* @Taijiotter @AimeeH
Thanks to that brigade of assassins that are too well trained, I'm a ghost of a ghost of a ghost. Like, seriously, I get into the fandom late and I'm already on my fourth life here.
@Pickles440 @EwSeungkwan yess i mean survival was just pointless xD
Not to mention UP10TION's comeback just before, as well. I'm so gone.
@najalong1998 Yeasss BABY WE HAVE MISSED YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
@AimeeH IVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!! Even though you were slain we still may have a chance of saving you!
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