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How well do you know Pietro Maximoff?

Last week's Iron Man was a tough one! This week we'll be featuring another one of our favorite Marvel characters... Quicksilver! I'm going to tell you three facts about him, but one of them will be a lie! You'll guess in the comments and next week we'll see the answers!
1. His first live action appearance was in a tv commercial
2. Magneto was the first person to come forward as their father.
3. He condemned his sister's relationship with Vision.

Did you guess last week?

1. He's had a drinking problem for a while TRUTH
2. The Iron Man suit used to be gray. TRUTH
3. He won area 51 in a bet LIE
He didn't win Area 51 in a bet- he actually bought it from the government. The current comics aren't really focusing on it, but in 1979 Tony Stark admitted to his drinking problem (Demon in a Bottle). And yup, in the early days the suit was gray.

Good luck this week!

good luck puny humans lol and please don't base your guesses on mine for I could be completely wrong.
Wooo @SamTheMallow taking the lead with the guesses :D let's see what everyone else thinks? @arnelli @buddyesd @HappyLulie @jeffpeterrutan @redapple615 @LAVONYORK @CandaceJordan @KristianHampton @TambryInskeep @KayleeScobee @MoisEsGaray @PrinceCampbell @ComicGeek94 @SydneyHogg @Captpeter @twistedreaper6 @Awesomeperson @hhead232 @ChaoticJae @BiancaMason @ChildOfSparda13 @Boggleman @GabeVaughn @trin1991 @shantalcamara @DanaMichelle @BrandiAlcox @JustinMims21 @Rockron97 @LadyLuna @AlPorter @DavidFPuhala @ChangoLeon @MajahnNelson @BeannachtOraibh @jnhee1234 @JoeVaughn @GeneAgudo @SamanthaHolmonR @ZoilaObregon @ShonA @zwdodds @CloeySuess @Gabby991 @FreeWill666 @Ticasensei @lancednobiensky @NickDiaz @BelleofRay @lanejlzero @JimTurpen @JosephPierce @MaeKeyMae @animechild51 @alimustansar @BT2581 @mcbubbles @ThePervySage @KellerBertrand @InPlainSight @gatorchick96 @GossamoKewen95 @jevonlowery @Namrow @kuzuri96 @kneelb4zod @S92pk @aortiz258 @Thatperson512 @SamTheMallow @DarthRevan @idonthaveoneema @mexicanchika45 @MichelleHolly @Kirooken @ultraninja10 @Luci546 @Raadhiyah @DavidPap @Krystalstar22 @KennethKalgren @JelliBelli111 @AdekolaOmole @DustinAtkinson @nberry1620 @AshelyJewell @CreeTheOtaku @TonyjJohnson771 @ShinigamiSan @TensaZangetsu98 @ellias777 @Raavaan @TheDumDumTroll @trickyfinger @BryanFritz @ChrisLyons @AliciaScherrer @EstefanOlivares @littlemaryk @Starbell808 @culversyanne @MarvelTrashCan @ALEXCAMACHO @nobankai @BenGiddens @Ain1011 @DavidCamilo @DwaynGrant @KennedyCasey @TiffanyWallace @noWaifuNoLaifu @OrionMasters @bud113 @SamSpangler @ScriptedSoldier @DanRodriguez @Bakuman247 @LigerP @AnnaDodd @GeraldIngraham @ArcticFox95 @TyTruth @KingGummy @JeremyGilmore @JJthealphamale @TwizzlerBae @AtomixDrive @BlackDragon88 @PaulChavarria @NobleKnight151 @wwedavid791 @MalcolmAllen @lunargravity @DarrenRouton @Superdose323 @FrankNunezIII @YourConscience @RomaineH good luck!!!
I'm gonna guess and go truth lie truth.
#3 is a lie
I'm going to say the first because I really hope it's a lie
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