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I don't know?!?😅
1. Pikachu because he's always happy 2. Ken kaneki because he was always alone 3. I can't remember this character but it's one that always hides there feeling from everyone.
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pikachu because he happy Lucy because she serious Yuki because she cares for loved ones
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Konata(lucky star)-she's a pervy otaku,no explanation needed😝 Levy (Fairytail)-a huge bookworm.As a person who owns 200+ books,I believe I qualify~ Hinata(Naruto)-I'm a pretty quiet person and I'm awkward around my crushes╮(╯▽╰)╭
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Konata from Lucky Star (lazy eccentric otaku) Kaito from Phi Brain (gluttonous obsessive puzzle loving fool) Tsukasa from .hack (shy, anxiety driven, etc)
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Hanji from attack on titan cuz she looks like me and she's crazy and gets super passionate/obsessed about stuff Kaname from full metal panic cuz she's tough but can also be vulnerable Andddd Asuna from SAO for basically that same reason lol
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sword art online, vampire knight, diabolik lovers
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