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If you're a fan of the highlighter craze, just wait until you see this amazing colorful rendition of the trend taking over one cheekbone at a time. If you feel like you already have too many makeup products in your bag, it's a must that you invest in the Etsy shop, Bitter Lace Cosmetics rainbow highlighter before you call it quits.
This highlighter has made a name for itself extremely fast and if you're wondering where woman are getting their colorful glow from, more than likely it's because of this product that is flying off the shelves.
If you always wanted to be a unicorn, now you can give off those perfect unicorn vibes with this product with a simple swipe or two. Let me not forget to mention just how vibrant the pigmentation happens to be.
If it's a bit much for you more modest makeup wears -- you can always opt out and use it as an eyeshadow or a highlight for your crease. Trust me, if you don't get anything else for your beauty collection this season, you'll want to get your hands on this baby. While this product is currently sold out, keep checking the shops site [here] for updates.

Are you feeling this colorful highlighter?

Too much or just enough?
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Haha, me too!! Super awkward @MyAffairWith
Glory to the beat face gods! I was too happy when I saw this
@jordanhamilton oh yeah super awkward
lol 'the face beat gods' @primodiva93
@jordanhamilton I did get this highlighter....tried it and i am not a fan of it on me but on myself sisters yes