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If you hang around health nuts/ gym people, chances are you've heard about this cookie. Its called Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie. This cookie has some impressive macros, and it's totally vegan. I actually heard about this cookie from my boyfriend (he's actually more of a gym buff than I am). He gave me two different flavors: chocolate chip and snickerdoodle (which is like a cinnamon-tasting cookie). The big thing about this cookie is that it packs 16 grams of protein which is actually really, really impressive.

Honestlyyyy I prefer the chocolate chip. So I am going to talk about that one. ;-)

TASTE - This cookie tastes amazing as a packaged cookie will taste. I am honestly not a fan of sweets in general, but this cookie I do enjoy. Of course, it's not like the freshly-baked real deal, but in my opinion, it tastes better than let's say Chips Ahoy. IN MY OPINION OK.
TEXTURE - This cookie is on the softer side, but not nearly as soft as I would prefer it to be. Still, it's soft. It's not a crunchy cookie. Also, if you really want to make things interesting, you can heat up this cookie for a couple of seconds in the microwave. You're welcome.
PRICE - Okay, honestly. I am not too sure about the price because I haven't actually bought them myself. But it looks like a 12-count box is around $16 - $18. Which isn't too bad. That's like $1.50 per cookie, and considering the macros in these bad boys (and that they are vegan), I'd say this is a good deal.
HEALTH - 190 Calories | 27 grams Carbs | 8 grams of Protein
This is for half a cookie. An entire cookie is counted as two servings. I think this is a great thing to have post workout when you want to get a decent amount of protein and carbs on the run. It's also a better alternative to a snack, than say, potato chips.
CONCLUDING OPINION - This is a pretty damn good cookie. I'd say that overall I'd give it about an '8.' If you're looking for something to snack on that's healthier than your average packaged cookie, choose The Complete Cookie!
Has anyone else tried these?

If you're curious, here are all the flavors they have:

- Chocolate Chips
- Snickerdoodle
- Birthday Cake
- Coconut Chocolate Chip
- Double Chocolate Chip
- Peanut Butter
- White Chocolate Macadamia
- The Lemon Poppy Seed
- Oatmeal Raisin
- Pumpkin Spice
- Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl
@jordanhamilton I think that if you're a fan of cinnamon, you'll like the Snickerdoodle one. I liked it, but I just always prefer chocolate lol.
@danidee yeah I just end up eating the whole cookie and just tell myself it's okay because I am getting a ton of protein lol.
@CristalTrujillo We sell them at GNC =) Buy three, get one free ;D Mix and match with RTD's and bars! You can also get them at "The Coffee Bean". It's great with a blended or hot drink 馃槏
@alywoah I had the oatmeal and raisin cookie and it was good but I would love to try the chocolate one
@buddyesd you definitely should!
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