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Dear Conscience,

Please don't mess this one up. I think this might be the one. The only one. The one that God's been saving especially for me. I know you have a funny way of jumping the gun, but I feel like we both happen to be on the same page this time around. This is the right decision, right? I mean, seriously. Have you seen the smile on my face these past few months? Pretty amazing, right?
I know you've been wrong in the past, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt this time around. I can feel it. If I were to choose my husband, I would choose him. yeah, it's that real. Don't worry, I'm not thinking about marriage -- although the idea is rather comforting.
I trust you. You've tried your best to steer me in the right direction for the past 25 going on 26 years and although, you weren't always accurate -- I still appreciate you for trying. Don't beat yourself up about it though.
The way I see it is, what's meant to be will be and for some reason, something is telling me that this time around you might have just hit the nail on the head. But as we both know, only time will tell. Thanks for sticking around, I need you more than you think.
With Love,
A heart ready to love.

Do you trust your conscience?

Why or why not?
everyone should trust me
@jordanhamilton lol I'll be there.. like a secret
@jordanhamilton just remember.. always trust yourconcsience #selfpromotion
thanks so much @shannonl5! I definitely appreciate that :) <3
but no seriously if your conscience says no..even for a moment.. be cautious
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