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Taecyeon, TVn 'Who Are You' Drama Teaser
OH NOES TaecGui shippers /o/
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@saharjalpari9 yeap i like her too but this combination it is kinda weird !!!
4 years ago·Reply
yup i agree it is she looks much older taechyoni looks like a baby standing next to him lol :-P @masridaniela
4 years ago·Reply
May only in dis video she seems dat way. I hav seen her b4 shez pretty
4 years ago·Reply
lol she is def preety and i like her a lot 2 but w taechyon oppa she looks soo much older preetines is not the issue its the age diff its 2 much laa which is mkng this couple look awkward lols @mimi12
4 years ago·Reply