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Boy oh boy. I can't wait to watch this. My ultimate bias group iKON is gonna be competing against one of my favorite groups Monsta X.
people tend to forget sometimes that iKON are a group of amazing dancers and if you watch any of their old choreographies you'd know. I can't wait to watch them in that element. especially when PSY is going to be their mentor.
And now these adorable fluffballs are gonna be apart of it! I can imagine Papa Shownu dancing his little heart away. lol I can't be the only one who's been wanting to see iKON and Monsta X interact with each other. This seriously makes me so happy and I really can't wait for it.
It's just too bad they'll be competing, either way I will support them both! *pictures are not mine *info credit from ikon_global instagram.
@xsandos17 @MonAnnahiX that makes sense. but it's so hard for me to support one of them over the other. lol but I guess it came down to really choosing one it'd be iKON cause those are my babies. lol but at the same time I love monsta x's dancing and I love them in general but I can't turn my back on iKON . it sucks that the only time they interact it's to compete. 😅😭
I like both groups but I'm on team MX gotta stay with my husbands, plus in the photo of iKON I only recognize the first 5 and out of that 5 I only know 4 of the names
Same! @xsandos17 😊 Even though I like Bobby, I gotta stay true to Monsta X since it's a group I know and like more.
Aaah so excited!! 😁
My dream is coming true. Maybe this is the chance that I.M AND B.I will interact since they kinda look alike
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