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If you don't happen to be a big fan of Rihanna's Puma slides that she debuted last week, you might prefer her new line of socks instead. While most people don't go out looking for a trendy pair of socks, the rude gyal her self is putting socks on the fashion map and I'll admit -- they happen to be pretty fly.
It's not often that Rihanna does wrong and this new sock line is proof that she is a true fashion maven. The collection consists of 19 different pair of socks ranging from ankle socks to thigh high socks with the no. 8 representing her eighth album. If you're not a sock person, you will definitely become one after laying your eyes on the collection seen below.

Would you invest in a pair of socks from the collection?

What do you think about the line of socks?
I definitely can see myself wearing the socks in the third photo
these are pretty and chic. love these!
I love those! a mix between sporty and trendy @alywoah
I'm in loveeee! absolutely drooling over the thigh high ones @marshalledgar