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My favorite band of all time is Green Day, they always have been and they always will be. I am beyond excited for the prospect of a 12th album.
The band's last release in 2013 was a triple album that was met with mixed reviews.
Rumors have been circulating among fans and friends and finally their publicist has confirmed that the band is indeed working on their 12th album.
This is especially exciting because the band has been known to play secret shows around the Bay area in anticipation of new material, in order to try it out with hometown crowds and premiere new stuff.
I'm in the Bay Area, and damn it I will be at that show.

Green Day Authority reported on the Newsweek confirmation:

Newsweek is out with a report this morning that claims they've been in touch with Green Day's press publicist, Brian Bumbery, who confirmed to the news service that Green Day are in fact recording a new album.
This certainly comes as no surprise to us and is yet another confirmation of the fact the band is recording new music.
This latest confirmation comes on the heals of a member of our forum, Green Day Community, running in to Billie Joe on the streets of Oakland this past weekend. Forum member Insomniac186 asked about the album and Billie Joe responded by confirming that the band is recording and that the album will "hopefully be out this fall."
So Green Day Fans, rejoice! We're getting a new album soon!
@Patmanmeow this is bound to be a really exciting record. I have loved everything they've done, so like, totally good!
Yessss! I heard about the five new tracks Billie recorded along with a Christmas one. Can't wait.
@shannonl5 thanks I will absolutely put it up asap! hahahahah I hope they start scheduling shows :)
They started working on it last year! I've been trying to wait patiently but my love and admiration for Green Day won't let me. 200+ tracks still isn't enough
Awesome!!! Let us know when you go, I wanna hear your early review :D