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Sometimes Always Monsters is not only a game with a wordy title, it's also a game that is a sequel to a game that also has a confusing and wordy title (Always Sometimes Monsters). But both of these games both revolve around the same thing. They're games about the choices people make and consequences that come with those decisions.
Now, I haven't gotten a chance to play the first game in the series -- Always Sometimes Monsters -- because I didn't have money or a computer when it came out two years ago. But it apparently won some awards and my friends who had played it only had great things to say about it.
When it comes to moral decisions or uncomfortable choices in gaming, Always Sometimes Monsters, had them in spades.
But the games aren't science-fiction or fantasy. They take place in the real world. And a lot of the decisions you make are ones that might mimic your actual life. And now that Vagabond Dog announced their sequel, Sometimes Always Monsters, I think I might pick it up whenever it comes out.
I'm glad that they're working with Devolver Digital (they publisher that released games like Hotline Miami) because it means they probably have more resources to work with when it comes to making their new game. I'm hoping that SAM is something like ASM and I also hope if they make a sequel they change the title completely because while writing this card, I totally forgot which game was which.