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I don't really like writing about VR stuff I can't personally experience, so excuse me for just completely writing about something you can probably just read about here. But I'm no journalist, I'm not a news blog. I just write about things that annoy me or things that I enjoy!
So after watching a little bit of the video (below), I realized that I don't really think I'd enjoy playing this game in VR at all. Especially with this game where you got to break bricks constantly, I don't feel like having to move my arm a whole bunch in order to get the things that I want to get so I can build the things I want to build.
Now, I'm not saying that I'm lazy... Actually, you know what? I am saying that I'm lazy. Or maybe that I'd enjoy a VR experience that doesn't replicate something that I may or may not do in real life.
Now, if you want to watch the video, do so at your own risk. Because it's was a little nauseating for me to watch the left side of the screen. But even if I wasn't watching someone else play it, I feel like I'd probably do a puke playing it myself.
Also, after watching this (which is the first VR video I've ever watched), it also made me realized that I am not looking forward to VR Let's Plays. There's something that everyone who plays VR games does right before they actually start playing. And it's to look around the world like a crazy person.
It's that motion that makes me feel a little gross in my tummy. So, if I have to say that I probably will never watch any VR Let's Plays ever. But anyway, I don't know about this VR Minecraft game but if you're interested in it, more power to you. I like my Minecraft quiet and docile and peaceful.
in that I'd be more willing to exercise if I was building a castle made of lava or something
I think this could potentially accomplish what the Wii Fit never could