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Everyone knows there are a series of Barbie games that have come out for every system and we all also know that it was a terrible way of trying to make "games for girls". Which is a phrase doesn't make any sense. And normally, I wouldn't write about a strange Barbie game. But since this one is titled "Super Barbie Brain Doctor" I felt compelled to check it out.
Honestly, none of it makes sense. If you look at the screenshot above, you'll see an image of Barbie getting electroshock therapy. Which doesn't make any goddamn sense. I don't know how often ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY is still used in contemporary medicine but it's probably very slim. But you know, it's Barbie, so... zip zap, right?
This whole experience can only be described as surreal. You can see that they definitely described it as "a fun brain surgery". And I don't know if the creator of this game is actually trying to make brain surgery seem fun or if they're trying to shift the preconceived notions about Barbie being a doctor but this is all so confusing.
Some of the tasks that you have to do include the aforementioned electroshock therapy, cutting Barbie's hair while she cries about it, and stitching her skullcap back onto her head. This whole game is something that I wish I was making up. Let me break kayfabe for you real quick (google what that means).
If we look through my history here on Vingle, I was "average" which was me being a pretty normal and weird dude talking about relationships and interviewing himself. After that, I was a "ghost" which was me running for "president" for fun. And now, I'm a "droid" which is basically just a crazy robot who thinks he can take over all of humanity. And all that being said, I'd like to believe I'm a pretty creative guy.
So making up this idea that Barbie needs to go through "a fun brain surgery" feels like something that I would come up with. Especially if I changed from "droid" to "doctor". It's a ridiculous thing that actually exists and I don't know what to do about it.
If you want to give Barbie a fun brain surgery, you can do so here. And you could probably play the other weird games this website has as well. If you do, be sure to let me know in the comments or, you know, make your own card about it.
I feel like this is surrealist art
this is creepy lol
Ugh, I see little girls play these super creepy games all the time. I played the dentist one and it was so disturbing. She kept crying, her mouth was in bad shape, and she looked crazy and abused. I felt like a monster hurting her like that. Who makes these games? And why is it so hard to find/play a decent girl game? I'm going back to playing Ms.Pacman.
my favorite part is that they describe brain surgery as a fun little event
@MoisEsGaray super creepy
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