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➺ I will post results the day before you have to make choices for the next part.

If you missed the Beginning, Stop here and click on this: Part One Link: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1537141

➺ ALRIGHT!! Time to see who your date is! I'M EXCITED FOR YOU! Remember these guys are all majestic, so please don't change your mind.

The day dragged on with you wondering whom your lovely cupid set you up on a date with. She was going to stop by before he arrived, to help you get ready. Standing in front of the mirror, you were running excuses through your head to help get out of this date. Maybe you could fake a broken limb. Nah, it wouldn’t be believable without the cast showing that you legit got injured. In addition, casts weren’t much of a good fashion statement. Unless it came in your favorite color. She finally showed up with that gleam in her eye. Seeing her smile like an idiot, made matters worse on how horrible you thought the night was going to go. Alas, time was running by. For each minute that passed, was another minute closer to meeting your Joe Schmo. She would not even disclose his name for you. “(Y/N), are you ready? Time is wearing thin, you are about to meet your Mr. Right.” “That is what you think; let’s not jump to that conclusion just yet. I have to like the guy first.” She became a little annoyed at you, but understood your concern. After all, she did set you up with losers. Not on purpose though, she just didn’t have the best judge of character at the time of choosing these fellows. Hearing that a car was approaching your driveway, made you nervous. You didn’t know why, but you just had butterflies in your stomach. “Oh he’s on time. Very impressive.” You cut her a glance as you started walking towards the door. ‘Great, he is here. I bet we won’t last the whole date, without me wanting to scratch his eyes out.’ A sudden knock happened at your door, as your best friend rushed to your side, so she could see your reaction when you met eyes with your date. You took in a deep breath and let out a slight exasperation. Finally, you see your date standing there holding flowers. Your mouth gapes open in the fact that she chose one of the most handsome guys ever. ➺ See Who you got below


❥ :Foyer 1: Takuya

Gorgeous Gene

❥ Foyer 2: Sangmin

Organic Gene

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Congrats for getting my bias!!

❥ Foyer 3: Seyoung

Miracle Gene

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Okay again, I am jelly. Congrats to getting One of my Biases!!!

❥ :Foyer 4: Yongseok

Mypace Gene

❥ :Foyer 5: Shin

Presh Gene

❥ :Foyer 6: Casper

Wild Chic Gene

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ I could not find a still photo of Casper in the suit. Geezes.

❥ Tomorrow You will make another selection ❥

You're either really happy or cussing me right now, hopefully not the latter. So Tomorrow, you will choose from either 6 Cars or 6 Flowers. Each selection has it's own destination. BUT I want to know if you would rather choose from Exotic Sports Cars, American Muscle, or a Mix of Both; If majority chooses Cars.

So Drop a comment Below who you got, and what you would rather choose from. It'll be a majority rules.

I chose to put cars as an option because there's nothing better than a good looking guy and a sexy car! *Vroom vroom*

Tagging CandY Mod Squad:

Tagging the YakPak:

Tagging Requested for Cross Gene:

❥ Bonus: If you want to know the Babies, but don't know them well, I will Leave a link so you can at least know who your date is!!

@IsoldaPazo @PrettieeEmm @Tigerlily84 Glad you ladies are happy with your ourcome! ♡♡♡
Aww yes!!! I got Takuya. *victory dance* One of my babies.
Sangmin? Okay we'll see...
@matty0203 Come see who you got!
I got Seyoung
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