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If you guys have a tumblr why not go give me a follow!?! I post when I get the time and I like to have fun with it. My username is at the top by taehyung's head.
And if you are wondering when I will post a new chapter to my fanfic I apologize for the long wait. I haven't really had the time to update it I'm gonna try soon to write for you guys. I've been on kin of a hiatus from vingle as well and I have a lot of notifications I wasn't able to get too please forgive me! I love you vingle fam!
awesome! if only I had one!
I'll start following you 馃槉
@ashleyemmert I cant believe BTS dropped ut without warning!!!...well yeah I can they want us to be in our toes.
I was at school when their MV came out and i freaked out.
Sweet! I'm gonna go follow you :)
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