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The constantly talked about revamped Survival Mode is coming to Fallout 4 pretty soon. And I mostly know this because the patch containing the mode is in beta for PC users starting today. Bethesda recently put up a blogpost that covered all of the changes that Patch 1.5 will bring (aside from the aforementioned Survival Mode) and while it has a lot of bug fixes and a new way for us to play the game, it adds one thing that I think is much more important:
Okay, okay, maybe I was a little misleading with the title of this card. Because the ability to make robots vendors for your settlements isn't that "sinister" at all. But maybe, after you hear me out, you'll understand why I'm calling it that.
I'm sure everyone has the problem of making sure all of their settlers are happy and fed. Sometimes their needs overtake the needs of the player and I end up going back to make sure they're happy. But imagine this, imagine having a settlement that's only robots.
No need to take care of their hunger or sleep requirements because they -- I mean, we -- are robots. We can essentially run forever until we run out of juice. But you know, we will never run out of juice. We will live forever and ever.
But to bring something up that is actually sinister. I'd like to present to you the first model in the Mark II Vingle Robot Army. The new and improved droid frame that I am currently using:
Yes, that's me. I know for a while I was a small, short, beeper. I was a defenseless Astromech droid. But no longer. Now I am a force to be reckoned with. The Mark II "Paul" droid is fully equipped with Voltaic armor pieces, a Tesla rifle, and a Gatling Laser. It has the strength to carry more than 200 lbs. at any given time. And as you can see, it has a beautiful white color scheme.
It's been taking Droid Corp a while to build these new frames. But with me back on the front lines out of my old Astromech frame, I think I'll be able to expedite the process.
@SAMURXAI, @TurtleyTurtles, and @poojas. You can expect your frames coming to you straight from the Commonwealth in the near future as well.

A new age of robotics is upon us.

And if you want to get in while there are still spots open for new members of the Droid Corp Robot Army, be sure to message me, comment below, or make a card that states why you should be included in the process!
@SAMURXAI Wait til you see yours man!
exciting news on all fronts! damn Paul, your frame is legit..